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Industrial Roof

Your industrial roof experiences constant abuse but must hold up to help you stay in business. Consider how much business your company does in a week. How many customers do you have? How many employees do you have? Now consider the fact that if neglected, your industrial roof may cause you to be out of business for weeks or longer if it’s not properly maintained.

That’s why if you notice even the smallest leak you want to call an experienced commercial roofing company in Cleveland like us to make sure you are ahead of any potential problems.

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Industrial Roof Cleveland

Industrial Roof Service

We understand the importance of keeping your business open and running smoothly. That’s why we highly recommend an annual checkup of your roof. We can find small leaks, wear and tear that may not be easy to spot and let you know if there are any roof repairs that are needed.

Our top of the line industrial roof service will save you thousands of dollars and help your commercial roof to last twice as long as others would.

Here are just a few things you can expect from our exceptional industrial service:

  • Routine inspection - There may not be anything wrong with your commercial roof. But what about the constant stress from the heavy HVAC unit, vents or other things it is supporting? Routine commercial roofing inspections will ensure the quality of your industrial roof is maintained for years.
  • Roof maintenance- If you do have a small leak or some other wear and tear the earlier it is taken care of, the better. Leaks are not going away and plugging them is not the same as fixing them. That’s why when you have a leak, even if it’s a small one, you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Quick repair - Commercial roofing repair is always a part of industrial roof service because repairs now will help prevent replacement down the road. On average, a commercial roof that gets annual inspections, maintenance and repairs from an experienced roofer will last twice as long as those that do not.

Industrial Flat Roofs

Industrial flat roofs are very common because they are more affordable, especially for larger buildings. Industrial flat roofs can also be used to hold and store heavy objects including HVAC units. However, they are not without their problems, which is why they should be routinely inspected by a commercial roofer.

Some of the potential problems include: wear and tear from use, puddling from snow and rain and more. Leaks can cause major problems with industrial flat roofs because they usually form at areas where puddles form as well. That means you could experience leaking for hours or even days after a bad rain or snow storm.

However, there is a very simple, affordable and effective solution to many of the problems you experience with industrial flat roofs.

Industrial Roofer Akron

Industrial Roof Coatings

One of the reasons industrial roof coatings are popular is because they work great on the common flat roof. One of our experienced commercial roofers can quickly show you how these cost-effective roof coatings can add years to the life expectancy of your structure.

Coatings are exactly what they sound like: a rubber coat that is applied to your entire roof to protect it from harsh weather. It’s especially helpful when puddling forms, because it does not allow the water to seep or leak through the roof.

Here is the process of installing industrial roof coatings and why you want our team of highly experienced commercial roof contractors to do the work.

  • Clean: Roofs get dirty between debris, dirt, rust and other impurities. If you have gravel on the roof that can make things even more challenging. That’s why before you apply industrial roof coatings it needs to be cleaned to improve the quality and effectiveness of the coating.
  • Repair: If there are any leaks or other damage to the roof it’s important to make sure they are all repaired prior to applying the coating. The reason is because once you apply the coating you will not have easy access to the roof itself because it will be protected by a thick rubber surface.
  • Installation: Finally, once the commercial roof is cleaned and repaired you can begin to apply the coating itself. The thick rubber substance will protect your roof, providing a shield that will hold up great against the toughest weather conditions and can even have huge benefits like lowering your energy bills and saving you big over time.

Industrial roof coatings, when done properly, will add years to the life expectancy of your roof. They will also save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance.

How valuable is your industrial roof? How much money in products and equipment are stored under it? How many lives are impacted by your business? When you factor those things in, there is no question why you would want to maintain and protect your roof.

That’s why you need to call today for a free estimate and learn more about what options you have to keep your industrial roof healthy and strong for years.

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