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Modified Bitumen Roof

In our experience, a modified bitumen roof is considered one of the best choices for commercial property owners. They are affordable, durable and easy to maintain.

If you are interested in learning more about a modified bitumen roof including repairs, maintenance and installation, give our Commercial Roofing Company in Cleveland a call today.

Modified Bitumen  Cleveland

Commercial Modified Bitumen Roof

One of the reasons we find commercial modified bitumen roofs to be more popular is because they simply last. Unless there is major damage to the structure due to a bad storm or debris, these commercial modified bitumen roofs prove to stand the test of time with low-cost maintenance and repair work. That’s why we recommend you give us a call today to find out more about them.

SBS Modified Bitumen

Styrene Butadiene Styrene or SBS modified bitumen, uses fewer layers during installation to keep it light and easier to install. Our experienced roofers find that it is also very easy to maintain while still holding up in durability. While it has fewer layers, they are thicker than on other types of roofs which gives it more stability.

For more details about SBS modified bitumen feel free to contact us.


Bitumen Roof AkronThere are several advantages of modified bitumen commercial roofing. You’ve probably read about how some commercial roofs are cheaper to install while others are cheaper to maintain.

One of the key advantages of modified bitumen is that it will lower your energy bill and carbon footprint.
It has heat-reflective properties so it will not keep heat trapped when it’s warm outside, nor will it allow heat to escape when it’s cold outside.

Here are some other advantages of modified bitumen:

  • Easy Maintenance: There is no such thing as a type of commercial roofing structure that is impervious to damage and wear and tear. We have seen it all and no roof is excused from needing repair work. However, one of the key advantages of modified bitumen is that it is very easy to maintain and repair. In most cases, repair work can be done in a single day.
  • Durable: The weather can get brutal here in Cleveland. Especially during the winter. That’s why you need a commercial roofing structure that can hold up to the harsh conditions.
  • Affordable: As we like to explain to our customers you can buy a cheap roof now and pay for it later or you can buy a great roof now and save. That’s why we recommend a modified bitumen roof for commercial properties. The installation and cost is very affordable but the real financial advantage is in the long run. Repair work is rarely needed and in the cases that it is, it’s usually very short and inexpensive.

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