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Commercial Roof

We've been providing commercial roof service in Cleveland and all of Ohio since 1946. Carey Roofing Corporation utilizes that experience to provide you with expert service. There are no shortcuts when it comes to installing, maintaining and repairing a roof.

More than just the value of the property; hundreds and thousands of people rely on these buildings for their jobs. That’s why our roofers take every project seriously no matter how big or small, no matter how routine.

So don’t wait for a problem to occur, call today for an inspection and a free estimate.

Commercial Roof Service

Commercial Roof ClevelandWhether you need roof repair, re-roofing, coatings, or routine maintenance, it’s important to hire a commercial roofer with years of experience that can handle any situation. Ohio is known for its tough winters. When you combine rain, snow and wind you are asking a lot of any commercial roof. Before, during and after the harshest weather conditions, make sure that stability is well-maintained. When needed, you can rely on these exceptional commercial roof services:

Flat Roof

Major or minor repair work is common. Especially after the tough winter months. Damage usually occurs around flashing, vents and seams. Damage can occur to your roof due to the weather, poor installation, age, debris such as falling tree branches, leaks (including HVAC), or because it was neglected and not properly maintained over the years.

Before you consider replacing it, make sure that the current roof cannot be salvaged and repaired. That’s where the decades of experience on our team is a huge advantage. Our roofers know when it’s possible to - and how to - salvage a commercial roof rather than having to replace it.

Again, you can call for a free estimate and know what your options are.

When you cannot afford to shut down business and you need a quick and affordable solution, the best options might be re-roofing. If the current structure is salvageable, you can re-roof for a lot less. Oftentimes when our roofers are asked to come do an inspection, the structure can still be salvaged without having to be fully replaced.

Usually re-roofing can be done without having to shut down operations. It adds years to the life of the roof.

Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Repair AkronOne of the more popular services we offer are commercial roof coatings because they can save you thousands of dollars a year in energy costs, they increase the life expectancy, protect it from the elements including severe weather and debris, are affordable and can be applied quickly. When you can cut AC costs in half and heating costs down as much as 70%, the new roof coating can often pay for itself within a year.

Because it is applied over your current structure, you do not need to worry about demolition, halting business or major inconveniences which could keep potential customers and clients away. Coating is the quickest and most affordable way to salvage an older roof. It will literally pay for itself because of the money you save on energy costs.

Industrial Roofing

When you add up the cost of every piece of machinery, equipment and supplies you use or store in your facility, you begin to get an idea of the importance of industrial roofing. Add to that the cost of having to shut down business for a few weeks for a roof replacement, and you start to understand why so many businesses hire our team of expert roofers for routine maintenance and coating.

Eventually every building needs a full replacement. If you can delay that need a decade without sacrificing the quality of your building it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most replacement work on a commercial roof could have been avoided. At least delayed by years with routine maintenance, repairs and the application of roof coatings. If you are starting to notice minor problems with your roof or haven’t had it inspected and maintained in a while, call our office today to get it checked out before small problems become big problems.

The important thing to remember when looking for a commercial roofer is that you need someone who can deliver exceptional work, quickly and at an affordable price. CRC does not take any shortcuts. We are quick to get the job done because of our experience which allows us to identify potential delays and eliminate them before they become a real issue.

Are you unsure whether the structure can be salvaged? Or needs to be replaced? Give us a call for a free estimate. For over half a century we have helped countless business owners save time and money. We eliminate the need for complete replacement.

Call us when you need professional services for your commercial roof in Cleveland, Akron, Solon and all nearby areas in Ohio.